Introducing the new Spotify Running


Just a quick post to let you know that Spotify recently introduced a new feature called, Spotify Running. If you’re like me who use Spotify to stream music for background while the Nike+ app is running on my iPhone 6, you’ll be delighted about this new feature. According to the Spotify blog: Continue reading “Introducing the new Spotify Running” (1079)

Top Three iPhone Running Apps

Since I started running, I always bring along my iPhone 5 with me. Be it during a fun run, marathon or training. Thanks to the GPS feature of the iPhone 5, you can skip those GPS watches and devices to measure your run distance, run speed, run pace and even map your race route.

Of course, you can’t use the iPhone alone to do these tasks. You have to install running iPhone apps. Thankfully, the iTunes App Store have several useful iPhone running apps. Here are the top three iPhone running apps that I’ve used so far.

1.) Runkeeper (Free with Premium paid subscription)

top five running iPhone apps

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