Condura Skyway Marathon 2015 Race Details, Race Registration and More


That was fast and very early. Perhaps wanting to start the hype, the Condura Skyway Marathon 2015 registration, race details and other race information have just been announced.¬†This is it fellow Pinoy runners. We missed it so badly this year so there’s no excuse not to join the Condura Skyway Marathon 2015 next year. Continue reading “Condura Skyway Marathon 2015 Race Details, Race Registration and More” (7502)

Race to Lead results, report and photos

race to lead

Last May 4, I joined the 10K category of the Race to Lead running event. Organized by Rundezvous and the UP Pi Sigma Fraternity, Race to Lead was held at the U.P. Academic Oval. There were only two categories, 5K and 10K.

It was a small running event and I wasn’t expecting too much fanfare. In fact, there were only 71 runners for the 10K category. And because of that I decided to position myself at in front of the pack. So when the race started, I had no choice but to run as fast as I could. In fact, there were a few minutes when I noticed that I was ahead of the racers. But since I was running too fast, I immediately depleted my energy and decided to slow down to my regular running phase.

race to lead 1

That’s when other faster and younger runners passed by me. Realizing that I can’t be running at less than 6KM per second, I just maintained my running phase until the duration of the race. It paid well, since I finished the race strong.

race to lead 4

My Run Time logged me in at 56:16. It’s my fastest 10K run so far. I was also ranked 15th out of the 71 runners who participated during the race. Not bad for an old runner, right? What sweetens the deal though is that I noticed that most of the 71 runners are younger than myself. So, my persistent training is paying off pretty well. I hope I can have the same stamina and endurance on a longer run, though. I would need it in my next long run which is the 32K category of the Run United 2 on June 1.

For the full results of Race to Lead, follow this link. More photos can be found here. (4202)

Form a Group of Five and Race the Sierra Five Ten Fifty Relay

sierra five ten fifty relay race

Now here’s something new that may cater to you and your running group. Dubbed Sierra Five Ten Fifty, this running event is actually a relay race for a group of five runners. Each team member will have to run 10K each to complete the event’s 50K total distance. Sounds like fun, right?

Details of the Sierra Five Ten Fifty are yet to be announced. But as of now, you might want to mark your calendar and save February 23, 2014, that’s a Sunday. This relay race will be held at Tanay, Rizal. Assemble area will be at the Sierra Madre Hotel in Tanay Rizal.¬† Continue reading “Form a Group of Five and Race the Sierra Five Ten Fifty Relay” (9782)