SLS3 Graduated Compression Socks Review


For the past couple of months now, I’ve been wanting to buy the SLS3 compression socks with the butterfly design. I’ve seen in worn by other runners and the socks look amazing. Thankfully, SLS3 sent me a pair for review and testing. So I wore it during my 21km LSD run last weekend and here’s what I could say about this compression socks. Continue reading “SLS3 Graduated Compression Socks Review” (1971)

Regetta Canoe Footwear Review

regetta canoe footwear

I recently received this new footwear from Regetta Canoe, a unique and modern Japanese footwear brand. Regetta Canoe creates products starting from the core values of balance and comfort and its footwear features classic structure with fashionable designs. It also adopts revolutionary hi-tech materials in harmony with the vegan spirit. Continue reading “Regetta Canoe Footwear Review” (5917)

Review: SLS3 Dual Pocket Running Belt, Water Resistant

SLS3running belt pic 1

I recently received this Dual Pocket Running Belt from SLS3 just in time for my first full-marathon last Sunday during the Condura Skyway Marathon 2016. I was really looking for a good running belt to use since my previous one is already worn-out. And what perfect timing it is to use the new SLS3 running belt. Continue reading “Review: SLS3 Dual Pocket Running Belt, Water Resistant” (1683)

Running Socks Review: Burlington Puma Flux

burlington puma flux socks

This is a long overdue review for the product mentioned above. I received the Burlington Puma Flux just before Christmas and was able to use it during a couple of times during my usual weekend run training. Having used so many brands of running socks, so I was a bit excited about the Burlington Puma Flux since I’ve known the brand for their casual socks.  Continue reading “Running Socks Review: Burlington Puma Flux” (3114)

SLS3 Trade-in, Trade Up Program

sls3 trade-in trade-up program

We just got a word from our friends from SLS3 that they have officially launched their Trade-in,Trade-Up Program starting today and will run until December 30, 2015. The SLS3 Trade-In, Trade-Up program allows you to exchange an old pair of socks to a brand new SLS3 compression socks or sleeves for only $15! All you have to do is send in your old pair of socks to the address below and once SLS3 received it, they will send you a special code which you can use to be able to purchase a new compression socks or sleeves for only $15.

Continue reading “SLS3 Trade-in, Trade Up Program” (1738)

HipZIPP Belt: Enjoy a hands free lifestyle

hipzipSLS3 launched a KICKSTARTER campaign to fund their new HipZIPP run belt on August 31st. and would love your support to help them with this major start up expense.

About the HipZIPP:

The HipZIPP was inspired by many failed run belts on the market. They don’t fit all the essentials (Phone, ID, Gels, etc.). They aren’t very well balanced, they bounce, and they’re a nuisance to get anything out of them once you’ve put something inside them. “So we went ahead and created something that worked, that innovated and revolutionized the market of run belts.” says Sebastian Linke, owner of SLS3. “We took everything bad about the countless run belts, eliminated it, and created something amazing and good.” Though this did not happen over night. Countless prototypes, countless runs, jogs, walks, and even treadmill tests at the gym went into perfecting the HipZIPP. “We wanted to create something that was fashionable enough to wear at the gym, but comfortable enough to wear on your morning runs.” With 2 large zippered pockets and a tucked away mini pocket, this belt will fit your phone, gel packs, and your ID or credit card. Continue reading “HipZIPP Belt: Enjoy a hands free lifestyle” (1866)

Pinoyrunner and SLS3 giveaway and discount promo

SLS3 is giving fellow Pinoyrunners the chance to own an SLS3 products at discounted price. Simply follow the link below to join the giveaway hosted by SLS3.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And for those who want to purchase products from their online store, you may use the promo code: Pinoy40 to get a 40% discount on your purchase. Please let us know if you’ve partake of this discount promo by leaving a comment below.

So, what are you waiting for, go ahead and buy that SLS3 product now.

Thanks SLS3 for the partnership! Continue reading “Pinoyrunner and SLS3 giveaway and discount promo” (1768)

SLS3 AllRounder Compression Socks review

sl3s compression socks review 3

I received this SLS3 compression socks called, AllRounder Compression Socks recently and was able to use it during a half marathon run a couple of days ago. This is my second compression socks but the other one I got from another brand was more of a recovery socks rather than a performance one. But I also own a compression sleeves so I’d can compare the experience of using the SLS3 compressions socks with my experience in using the compression sleeves while running. Continue reading “SLS3 AllRounder Compression Socks review” (2513)

Gatorade and Michael Jordan celebrate 23 years of Be Like Mike


Twenty-three years ago, Gatorade launched a game-changing campaign in honor of a celebrated athlete whose name has come to be associated with greatness in sports.

The catchy and upbeat Be Like Mike campaign became a global hit when it first came out in 1992, cementing Michael Jordan’s niche as a sports legend. Continue reading “Gatorade and Michael Jordan celebrate 23 years of Be Like Mike” (1689)