Introducing the new Spotify Running


Just a quick post to let you know that Spotify recently introduced a new feature called, Spotify Running. If you’re like me who use Spotify to stream music for background while the Nike+ app is running on my iPhone 6, you’ll be delighted about this new feature. According to the Spotify blog: Continue reading “Introducing the new Spotify Running” (1079)

What’s on Your Running Playlist?

running playlistSince I started running, there was not a single time that I didn’t bring my iPhone with me. It serves multipurpose whenever I run. Of course, I need a phone to contact my family especially in times of emergency. When you run outdoors, you’ll never know when you’re going to need your phone.

My iPhone also serves as a running tracker via the Runkeeper or the Nike+ app. But lately, I’m using my Garmin Forerunner 10 since running those apps drain my iPhone’s battery.

The last purpose of my iPhone is of course as a music player. I’ve created a running playlists containing my favorite upbeat tracks. I’ve got a couple of dozens of these songs on my running playlist which vary from David Grueta’s Titanium, to Coldplay’s La Vida loca to Happy Hour by the Housemartins. All the songs in my playlist give me the kick to keep on running. Continue reading “What’s on Your Running Playlist?” (1399)

My Running Gears and Accessories

running gears and accessoriesWhile running outdoors alone and all by yourself can be a dreadful experience for some, fortunately, I enjoy it. I take it as a time to reflect and enjoy the Antipolo scenery which, despite of urbanisation and development, is still a pleasure to behold. That’s despite the fact that I’ve seen that scenery for thousand times already.

What keeps me up on my toes as I do my weekend runs outdoors is of course my iPhone and the running playlist I compiled. Aside from my iPhone, other running gears and accessories that I bring along during my weekend runs and even during running events are the following: Continue reading “My Running Gears and Accessories” (2911)

Nike We Run Manila 10K 2013 supports the #YOUMOVEIMOVE Run for a Cause for Yolanda Victims


Just got an email from about the #YOUMOVEIMOVE¬†relief efforts that they are holding for the benefit of the people of Tacloban and Eastern Visayas that were affected by the super typhoon Yolanda. According to Nike, ¬†they will be donating USD1 for every kilometer that you run. To do that you must use the Nike+ app which is available for both Android smartphones and iPhone. Continue reading “Nike We Run Manila 10K 2013 supports the #YOUMOVEIMOVE Run for a Cause for Yolanda Victims” (1561)

Pinoy Running Sites You Should Check Out, Bookmark, Follow

The Pinoy running scene will not be as vibrant as it is today if not for the presence of several Pinoy running sites and online groups. You’ll surely get your fix of running news, announcements and other running-related information by visiting these sites from time to time.

I’ve listed the most popular and active Pinoy running sites and online communities below: Continue reading “Pinoy Running Sites You Should Check Out, Bookmark, Follow” (3495)

Top Three iPhone Running Apps

Since I started running, I always bring along my iPhone 5 with me. Be it during a fun run, marathon or training. Thanks to the GPS feature of the iPhone 5, you can skip those GPS watches and devices to measure your run distance, run speed, run pace and even map your race route.

Of course, you can’t use the iPhone alone to do these tasks. You have to install running iPhone apps. Thankfully, the iTunes App Store have several useful iPhone running apps. Here are the top three iPhone running apps that I’ve used so far.

1.) Runkeeper (Free with Premium paid subscription)

top five running iPhone apps

Continue reading “Top Three iPhone Running Apps” (1845)