Pinoy Running Sites You Should Check Out, Bookmark, Follow

The Pinoy running scene will not be as vibrant as it is today if not for the presence of several Pinoy running sites and online groups. You’ll surely get your fix of running news, announcements and other running-related information by visiting these sites from time to time.

I’ve listed the most popular and active Pinoy running sites and online communities below: Continue reading “Pinoy Running Sites You Should Check Out, Bookmark, Follow” (3495)

Beginner Marathon Training Program

beginner marathon training programI did my first full marathon last October 2013 when I joined the Run United Philippine Marathon. While I’m not too proud about my race result, friends are congratulating me since it’s not an easy task to join and complete a full marathon. But I know that I could perform better. And I want to prove that to myself. Continue reading “Beginner Marathon Training Program” (2938)

7-11 Run 1000 2014 in Cavitex, online registration is now open

7-11 Run 1000 2014There’s no stopping the Pinoy running scene in 2014. As early as now, run organizers have planned out their upcoming events for January 2014. Like the Subic International Marathon, another popular running event is happening in January and this is one is sponsored by 7-11, the popular convenience store. Continue reading “7-11 Run 1000 2014 in Cavitex, online registration is now open” (7206)

December Running Events, Which Ones Are You Running?

December being the last running month of the year looks to be a pretty busy one for Pinoy runners. As I was checking’s list of events, I’ve counted 26 events covering all the weekends of December. Most of these December running events are going to be held at the usual running venues such as BGC, SM MOA, while some are outside Metro Manila.

Here, we’ve picked some of the more interesting December running events scheduled so far: Continue reading “December Running Events, Which Ones Are You Running?” (1258)

Sunday Morning Run, Easy 8.5 Miles, Rolling Terrain

“Running should be a lifelong activity. Approach it patiently and intelligently, and it will reward you for a long, long time.” ¬†-Michael Sargent

Starting from this post, I’ll be including running related quotes from famous runners before my actual blog post. This is to inspire each one of us to continue enjoying our running activities. The quote above immediately catches my attention when I was browsing through a site that list famous running quotes. Yes, I want to reap that reward and will live my life to enjoy it.

Having said all that, I now proceed with the post about my Sunday morning run. I was planning to take a different route today since I already run in Sumulong Hi-way yesterday. But I don’t want to miss the morning breeze of the Antipolo climate so I decided to run the same route again. Continue reading “Sunday Morning Run, Easy 8.5 Miles, Rolling Terrain” (901)

McDonald’s McHappy Day Fun Run

McDonald's McHappy Day fun runFor those of you who are looking for an event that is kid-friendly, you should be joining the¬†McDonald’s McHappy Day Fun Run is happening on December 14, 2013 at the SM Mall of Asia. Gun starts is at 5:30 a.m.

This is surely a good way to encourage your kids to get into running as the race distance are very child-friendly depending on the age of your children. The McDonald’s McHappy Day Fun Run consists of the 1K run for kids age 8 and under, 3K run for kids under 15 and adults 16 and above, the McDonald’s Family Dash with a 3K distance and perfect for a family of four, and the 5K run for 16 and above and the 9K challenge for 16 and above. Continue reading “McDonald’s McHappy Day Fun Run” (7020)

Saturday Afternoon Run, Easy 5 Mile, Rolling Terrain

my training ground

During weekends, I usually do my run on the rolling terrain of Sumulong Highway. Bikers know this famous route via the Valley Golf subdivision. But while others bike this route, I usually do my weekend runs here, that’s Saturday and Sunday morning most of the time. Continue reading “Saturday Afternoon Run, Easy 5 Mile, Rolling Terrain” (1010)

Top Three iPhone Running Apps

Since I started running, I always bring along my iPhone 5 with me. Be it during a fun run, marathon or training. Thanks to the GPS feature of the iPhone 5, you can skip those GPS watches and devices to measure your run distance, run speed, run pace and even map your race route.

Of course, you can’t use the iPhone alone to do these tasks. You have to install running iPhone apps. Thankfully, the iTunes App Store have several useful iPhone running apps. Here are the top three iPhone running apps that I’ve used so far.

1.) Runkeeper (Free with Premium paid subscription)

top five running iPhone apps

Continue reading “Top Three iPhone Running Apps” (1846)

Subic International Marathon on January 25-26, 2014

subic international marathon 2014

If you’re starting to plan your running season for 2014 and is keen on starting the year with a full marathon, the Subic International Marathon is a good event to consider. Scheduled on January 25-26, 2014, this two day event will have the 3K and 5K happening on the 25th and the 10K, 21K and 42K on the 26th. Continue reading “Subic International Marathon on January 25-26, 2014” (1864)

Nike We Run Manila 2013 Buddy Run in Marikina City

nike we run manila 2013

This year’s Nike We Run event will be held in Marikina City on December 1, 2013. Gun start is at 5 PM. Unlike previous Nike We Run event, this year Nike decided to make it a buddy run. This means that registrants should be in pair and individual registration will not be accepted. Continue reading “Nike We Run Manila 2013 Buddy Run in Marikina City” (2264)