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Last Sunday, I joined the 15K category of the Rayuma Run 2016 at the UP Campus area. This fun run was organized by the Philippine Rheumatology Association and Unilab. Don’t mind the weird title of the event because I’m telling you that with the race route that the participants of this race tackled yesterday, I’m telling you that this was one serious running event. Well, at least for the 15K ┬áparticipants. That’s because the race route was a mixture of rolling hills, steep climb, rugged pavements, dangerous vehicles along the hi-way and even an overpass.

The race started from the University Avenue fronting the UP Administration Bldg. From the starting line, runners have to run towards Philcoa turning right to Commonwealth Avenue. The 15K category started around 5:45 so that area was still dark and there were few lights along the way. What’s worse, there were no plastic cones along the road to keep the runners from getting hit by vehicles traversing Commonwealth Avenue.

Upon reaching the Iglesia Ni Cristo area, runners must take the flyover to go to the other side of the road and take on a rolling terrain with steep incline road covering around 3-4 kms. After that, it was back at the overpass to get back to the other side and enter UP Campus via the Ylanan road. A few kilometers more, runners must tackle the famous, “Hearbreak Hill.” This was the favorite training ground of UP runners as well as bikers. It’s more or less a km of uphill climb that will surely challenge your stamina and leg endurance.

After that, it’s a long stretch of flat pavements until you’ve reached the UP Academic Oval before heading towards the finish line.

I have all praises for the race route. It was challenging enough and was a good opportunity for runners preparing for other running events. The race would have been well organized if not for the absence of race marshalls and hydration stations along the way. If I remember it correctly, the first hydration station was at around 2.5-3KM mark. The next one was after 3KM, until I could no longer remember the others. It’s a good thing I brought along my own hydration bottle, so it was not a problem for me. I pity those who have not hydration bottle and have to rely on the hydration stations.

Other than that, it was a pretty good running event and I will do it again if the organizers decided to hold the event again next year.

Congrats to all the finishers. Race results are already available from http://myrunti.me. (1640)

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