Running product review: BSI Medicated Spray

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Whenever I finished a marathon, a full-marathon or even a weekend LSD run, I’ve tried several pain reliever to apply on my legs and. I’ve tried medicated plasters, sprays and lotion but nothing comes close to the soothing relief that I got from using BSI Medicated Spray.

I’ve used the BSI Medicated Spray for twice already after two 10K training runs at the UP Academic Oval. In those two occassions I’ve applied it right after I finished the run. I’ve also sprayed it on my tired legs half-way through my run. That’s how convenient this muscle pain reliever. You can bring it along with you even when you’re running. It can easily fit into your running belt, thanks to its small, lightweight and non-breakable plastic bottle. If you don’t have a running belt, you can just hold while you run.

And since it’s in spray form, you can immediately apply it on your calf, hamstrings and quads and then resume running right away. It won’t leave a messy residue that takes time to disappear as compared with those muscle pain relievers in lotion form. Also because of its form, you won’t need to massage your legs. Simply spray it on your legs and let it works its wonders in relieving your lefs of muscle pain, muscle cramps and eventually prevent sprains.bsi medicated spray image 1

BSI Medicated Spray is distributed by New Smart Formulae Trading Corp, a pharmaceutical distributor of high quality products inthe Philippines. It contains all natural ingredients which makes it very safe even for prolonged use.

BSI Medicated Spray helped me recover fast after the Condura Skyway Marathon. As you have read in my previous post, my legs and feet really suffered during the marathon that I could hardly run during the last 10KM of the Skyway. I was afraid I would need a longer rest period. But right after the race, I immediately sprayed my exhausted legs with the BSI Medicated Spray. The following day, my legs was not that sore as it would usually be after a running a race the previous day.

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