Knowing Your Foot Type for the Perfect Shoe Type

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My wife is planning to buy me a new pair of running shoes as a Christmas Gift (yes, we’re not fond of surprises). So as early as now I’m scouting for the nicest shoes both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Since July this year, I’ve been using this mid-priced Adidas running shoes which I’ve been using for training and actual runs. It has served its purpose and it’s time to give it a rest for actual runs.

So, as I said I’ve been looking around for the best running shoes to buy. But as I browsed through Amazon’s inventory of running shoes I noticed terms such as neutral shoes, stability shoes, and mid-foot strikes. These are the so-called foot types.

Now, how do you know your foot type? Well, there’s this shop in BGC (and in Edsa Shangri-La too) which offer foot analysis. You can check out their store and ask assistance in knowing your foot type. If you don’t have the time to visit Runnr stores, here’s a simple way of finding your foot type. Simply wet your foot and step on a piece of paper. Then compare the impression your foot left with the three figures below, illustrating the three foot types.

Neutral Pronator
Under Pronator
Over Pronator

Now here’s a description of each foot types:

Neutral Pronator –  If your impression looks the most like this one, you are a neutral pronator (20-30% of runners are). You strike the floor with your heel, then while you roll towards the toes, your arch lightly collapse inward absorbing the impact

Over Pronator – This foot impression looks like the whole sole of the foot. If this is the footstep that most closely resembles yours, then you are an over pronator. This means that the arch of your foot stretches inward too much, not assorbing the shock correctly and exposing you to injuries.

Under Pronator (Supinator) – Last, this is the foot impression of an under pronator (or supinator as most commonly called). Supinators’ feet don’t flex enough to provide an effective shock absorption during the run, making impact with the floor very hard and surely dangerous.

There you go. Hope this information helps you in buying the right running shoes as it helped me decide which running shoes to buy. (7653)

Author: Arnold Zafra

Hi, My name is Arnold and I'm a Pinoy runner. I'm a 40+ years old runner dreaming of running the New York Marathon before I retire. :-)

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